Cambodia’s Top 8 Foods

Having sweet memories is not only about the beautiful moments you have in unique places when you travel the world, but it’s also about the various new delicious food you can relish as you try it out. That’s why they are called “sweet” memories, for you will taste all kinds of sweet and spicy dishes.

If you want to begin your journey with a place where you breathlessly eat delicious foods, you should pause your rotating world map at Cambodia. As you walk the city streets, you will notice all kinds of markets and streets vendors who fill the air with the pungent smell of delicious foods you never tasted before.

1. Loc Lac

If you want to be served a top food, you should first lay your hands on Loc Lac. This traditional food is served with oyster and soy sauce, and supplied with a delicious amount of stir-fried beef. It has a mouthwatering rice and a sweet brown sauce, too.

2. Lort Cha

But, when you finish Loc Lac, your appetite shall call for more, for when you will roam the city further, your eyes will fall on the Lort Cha, which is usually sold in street Carts. Filled with tasteful spices, this food is made of fried noodles and mixed with green onions and scrambled eggs whose smell will fill your lungs and torture your stomach. You probably will order more as you try out this plate and and watch the attractions of the city.

3. Fish Amok

To make it more special, Fish Amok is the saucy national food. Mixed with coconut milk, this food is combined with curry, lemongrass, glangal shallots, garlic, and a fresh turmeric.

4. Baki Sach Chrouk

The next morning, you can enjoy yourself with a special breakfast of Baki Sach Chrouk, which is a mixture of pork, rice cucumber and green tomatoes, then have a special tasty vegetable called Morning Glory.

5. Khmer Red Curry

Yet, during your trip, you surely won’t resist the famous Khmer Red Curry. This is called a special food for special occasions, so you might be present some religious celebration where you will try it out. Khmer Red Curry is made of chicken, beef, eggplant that give a powerful taste to coconut milk of the dish.

6. Trei Bung Kanh Chhet

Next to it you may also order the Trei Bung Kanh Chhet. It is a plate fish fried deeply with curry and adorned with Cauliflower and rice noodles.

7. Cha Houy Teuk

In order to refresh yourself, you can treat yourself with a Cha Houy Teuk. It is a tastefully coloured fruit dessert that will water your mouth, for it’s full of jelly, red beans, pumpkin, jackfruit, and topped with taro. With the SugarCane Juice, you will chill your throat with a sweet icy juice of pressed sugar cane and drink with a straw.

8. Nom Bang Chock

Make your travel experience memorable and check out the Nom Bang Chock, which is a Khmer Noodles served mostly by women on baskets. It will be then when your memory is truly special and sweet.

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