How long will it take to get a visa to India?

We always wonder how long it takes to get a visa to India. I tell you something about this Indian visa thing. How much time it requires is completely dependent on how much time you take to complete the following processes. Let’s take a look at the processes to get the visa to India.


Pay a visit to ETV-In internet site ( ), visit the “Get an India Visa” check at the very top of the web site then visit the “Start a fresh Application” switch.


Choose “Apply by Mail” or maybe “Apply face to face”. Each possibility is going to take you by means of fundamentally the similar application procedure, yet the “Apply in Person” hyperlink will even enable you to timetable a scheduled visit at certainly one of ETV-In’s workplaces.


Carry out the site’s guidelines to fill in the on the web kind. While it really is full, art print the kind, mark it as well as the particular date it exactly where suggested as well as fasten a couple of official passport images. The majority of drugstores together with parcel-delivery companies like UPS furnish passport images.


Incorporate testament to deal with your web-based application. Recognized paperwork consist of a photocopy of certainly one of following: a state-issued Identity with your deal with, an energy monthly bill or perhaps a contract that displays landlord as well as tenant signatures.


Carry out the on the web actions to afford your own visa electronically. Notice that in the event you use face-to-face , you should afford your own visa with payment or perhaps a funds purchase during the time of your own session.


Create an appointment at an inner city visa central if you happen to be making use of face-to-face. The on the web application procedure will allow you to plan a scheduled visit. Should you be making use of by publish, postal mail the practical application kind, your own passport and some other necessary details to the stipulated address.


Monitor the level of your web-based application on ETV-In’s site by visiting the on the “Track The Passport” tag on top of the home-page. Visas generally obtain a key to seven enterprise period to practice as well as bring back. Should you utilized face-to-face, you should grab from the ETV-In workplace that you utilized.

So how many days it takes to get a visa for India is actually dependent on the whole processes. If you can make all these processes faster then you would be able to get your visa faster. Otherwise, it will take some time.

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