Mouth watering street foods in Australia

Every country, every place has its specialties. Australia has many south specific foods to offer. Some of which you wouldn’t know unless you explore. You need to walk around the city, take in every ounce of the city through your eyes, nose, ears and mouth!!! But still if you are scared to experiment on your own then here are some of the street food that you MUST try out and you wont regret it.

Idli -vada

I don’t think there would be any arguments from anywhere in the world for including “idli, vada, dosai and uttappam” as one of the best street foods in Australia. Those fluffy white rice cakes dipped in hot aromatic sambar and a little coconut chutney mixed to it just makes you fall in love with food all over again. In the section of vadas, try out parippu vada (parippu-dal). The little crisp vada with hot filter kaapi in the evening sitting by the roadside will just shoo away all you tiredness with it awesome taste.


Yes yes its like bhajiyaa. Just that Australia has more varieties! You’ll get molaga bhajji (chilly bhajiya), vazhakaaya bhajji (raw banana bhajji), shrimp bhajji for the non vegetarians and many more. Don’t go and ask them whats inside it if you are not the experimenting types. Just eat it and savor the taste of the hot crispy bhajji romancing with your mouth and the sudden taste of the molaga and you’ll just keep asking for more.


Well, you’ll find McDonalds, Subways across Australia but you’ll find it almost everywhere. Go and try the street sandwich in Australia. Enjoy the green chutney absorbed between the two breads with many more things. Sandwiches near the Alsa mall are pretty famous. Try Balaji Sandwich Stall.


The fluffy soft Indian Bread made of maida is another popular item you’d find in most street joints in Australia. Some call it lachha paratha but parotas are slightly different from them in taste. Very slight but very slight is also huge when it comes to the matter of food. Try out kottu parotta (minced patotta) with a classic chicken curry or kadla curry (vegetarians) and feel awesome about yourself for having eaten an amazing dish.

Masala Kadalai

Imagine crunchy peanuts in your mouth and suddenly the tang of raw mango and then a little ball of salt on your tongue. This is masala kadalai, walk the street as you shop holding Masala Kadalai in your hand (yes! you look classy) and feel the surprises of tastes exploding in your mouth.

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