Do I need a visa to go to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is an island found in Asia. It is a country with amazing places to visit or stay. From its mouthwatering cuisine, culture, and beaches, it is definitely a tourist destination. You need a visa to go to Sri Lanka.

Types of visas

You must have a reason as to why you want a visa to go to Sri Lanka. These reasons amount to the types of visas. Now, there are tourist and work visas. The tourist visa expires in 30 days while the work one does in a minimum of 6months. Visit the immigration offices in case your visa expires. Otherwise, the authorities will deal with you.

How to get a visa to Sri Lanka

There are two ways of acquiring a Sri Lanka visa.


This option is easy thanks to technological advances. It involves using an online platform. Visit the Electronic Travel Authority website ( and fill in required details to get what is called an electronic visa. The electronic method was effected in 2012.

You pay using a debit or credit card. The website allows you to check how far you are from getting your visa through the check status portal. Print your visa confirmation message as evidence on arrival.

Who uses electronic visa?

The electronic method is designed for:

  • Tourists.
  • Friends and relatives visits.
  • Those in need of medical attention.
  • Sports people visiting for sports occasions.
  • Competitions.


This second way involves you visiting offices of the Sir Lanka government in your home country. If you are planning to work or study in Sri Lanka then you should use this visa processing method. You will fill in the necessary information and have your visa processed before traveling. Working or studying definitely goes for more than 30 days.

Are there any exceptions?

It is not mandatory that you get a visa before you go to Sri Lanka. This is for the tourist visa. As a tourist, you could get one on arrival at Bandaranaike Airport. You may meet other people who need on-arrival visas. This will cost you more than prior visa application. If your visit to Sri Lanka is on a diplomatic or official basis, you do not need a visa.

There is no country that allows people to get in and out of its borders without visas, unless if it is through illegal means. Sri Lanka cares about its security and safety of its citizens that is why you need a visa to go there.

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