Do You need a visa to visit Canada from the UK?

When you reside in the UK, you have a rich culture just around the virtually corner as well as right outside the mainland. Of course, other places around the world, such as Canada, are certainly worth visiting. As such, many have questions about what kind of travel requirements are in place.

One of the most pressing questions for most is whether or not a Visa to visit Canada from the UK is required. Though this is an important factor, other considerations should be made before making any plans to travel.

A Visa for Visiting Canada from the UK

Generally speaking, if traveling to Canada for a short period of time from the UK, you do not need to hold a Visa. This applies to anyone who is simply visiting the country for personal or leisure purposes. With that said, those looking to hold temporary resident status, if you will be working for a Canadian company of if your intention is to remain in the country to study, a valid Visa is required.

Before traveling to Canada, you will certainly need to hold a valid passport. Another major component for travel, required by the Canadian Government is an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) which is needed to fly or use transit while in the country. The only exceptions apply to US citizens and travelers entering the country the country by either land or sea.

Staying in Canada

In some cases, you may choose to lengthen a stay for either personal or business reasons. Visitors are usually allowed to stay in Canada for a duration of no more than six months after first entering the country. Note that this is ultimately up to the discretion of border services officer. The date at which you are required to leave will be indicated on the passport.

To lengthen your stay, you will be required to formally extend the duration you’re allowed to remain in the country by filing an extension. Keep in mind, because of the length of time this can take to process, the extension should be submitted at least 30 days before your status expires.

If the purpose for your visit changes because of work or study, a permit will be required. To apply for a work permit or study permit, it is generally possible to complete the application process online with proper documents, though sending physical mail will be necessary in some cases.

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