Do You need a visa to visit Canada from the UK?

When you reside in the UK, you have a rich culture just around the virtually corner as well as right outside the mainland. Of course, other places around the world, such as Canada, are certainly worth visiting. As such, many have questions about what kind of travel requirements are in place.

One of the most pressing questions for most is whether or not a Visa to visit Canada from the UK is required. Though this is an important factor, other considerations should be made before making any plans to travel.

A Visa for Visiting Canada from the UK

Generally speaking, if traveling to Canada for a short period of time from the UK, you do not need to hold a Visa. This applies to anyone who is simply visiting the country for personal or leisure purposes. With that said, those looking to hold temporary resident status, if you will be working for a Canadian company of if your intention is to remain in the country to study, a valid Visa is required.

Before traveling to Canada, you will certainly need to hold a valid passport. Another major component for travel, required by the Canadian Government is an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) which is needed to fly or use transit while in the country. The only exceptions apply to US citizens and travelers entering the country the country by either land or sea.

Staying in Canada

In some cases, you may choose to lengthen a stay for either personal or business reasons. Visitors are usually allowed to stay in Canada for a duration of no more than six months after first entering the country. Note that this is ultimately up to the discretion of border services officer. The date at which you are required to leave will be indicated on the passport.

To lengthen your stay, you will be required to formally extend the duration you’re allowed to remain in the country by filing an extension. Keep in mind, because of the length of time this can take to process, the extension should be submitted at least 30 days before your status expires.

If the purpose for your visit changes because of work or study, a permit will be required. To apply for a work permit or study permit, it is generally possible to complete the application process online with proper documents, though sending physical mail will be necessary in some cases.

Do I need a visa to go to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is an island found in Asia. It is a country with amazing places to visit or stay. From its mouthwatering cuisine, culture, and beaches, it is definitely a tourist destination. You need a visa to go to Sri Lanka.

Types of visas

You must have a reason as to why you want a visa to go to Sri Lanka. These reasons amount to the types of visas. Now, there are tourist and work visas. The tourist visa expires in 30 days while the work one does in a minimum of 6months. Visit the immigration offices in case your visa expires. Otherwise, the authorities will deal with you.

How to get a visa to Sri Lanka

There are two ways of acquiring a Sri Lanka visa.


This option is easy thanks to technological advances. It involves using an online platform. Visit the Electronic Travel Authority website ( and fill in required details to get what is called an electronic visa. The electronic method was effected in 2012.

You pay using a debit or credit card. The website allows you to check how far you are from getting your visa through the check status portal. Print your visa confirmation message as evidence on arrival.

Who uses electronic visa?

The electronic method is designed for:

  • Tourists.
  • Friends and relatives visits.
  • Those in need of medical attention.
  • Sports people visiting for sports occasions.
  • Competitions.


This second way involves you visiting offices of the Sir Lanka government in your home country. If you are planning to work or study in Sri Lanka then you should use this visa processing method. You will fill in the necessary information and have your visa processed before traveling. Working or studying definitely goes for more than 30 days.

Are there any exceptions?

It is not mandatory that you get a visa before you go to Sri Lanka. This is for the tourist visa. As a tourist, you could get one on arrival at Bandaranaike Airport. You may meet other people who need on-arrival visas. This will cost you more than prior visa application. If your visit to Sri Lanka is on a diplomatic or official basis, you do not need a visa.

There is no country that allows people to get in and out of its borders without visas, unless if it is through illegal means. Sri Lanka cares about its security and safety of its citizens that is why you need a visa to go there.

Cambodia’s Top 8 Foods

Having sweet memories is not only about the beautiful moments you have in unique places when you travel the world, but it’s also about the various new delicious food you can relish as you try it out. That’s why they are called “sweet” memories, for you will taste all kinds of sweet and spicy dishes.

If you want to begin your journey with a place where you breathlessly eat delicious foods, you should pause your rotating world map at Cambodia. As you walk the city streets, you will notice all kinds of markets and streets vendors who fill the air with the pungent smell of delicious foods you never tasted before.

1. Loc Lac

If you want to be served a top food, you should first lay your hands on Loc Lac. This traditional food is served with oyster and soy sauce, and supplied with a delicious amount of stir-fried beef. It has a mouthwatering rice and a sweet brown sauce, too.

2. Lort Cha

But, when you finish Loc Lac, your appetite shall call for more, for when you will roam the city further, your eyes will fall on the Lort Cha, which is usually sold in street Carts. Filled with tasteful spices, this food is made of fried noodles and mixed with green onions and scrambled eggs whose smell will fill your lungs and torture your stomach. You probably will order more as you try out this plate and and watch the attractions of the city.

3. Fish Amok

To make it more special, Fish Amok is the saucy national food. Mixed with coconut milk, this food is combined with curry, lemongrass, glangal shallots, garlic, and a fresh turmeric.

4. Baki Sach Chrouk

The next morning, you can enjoy yourself with a special breakfast of Baki Sach Chrouk, which is a mixture of pork, rice cucumber and green tomatoes, then have a special tasty vegetable called Morning Glory.

5. Khmer Red Curry

Yet, during your trip, you surely won’t resist the famous Khmer Red Curry. This is called a special food for special occasions, so you might be present some religious celebration where you will try it out. Khmer Red Curry is made of chicken, beef, eggplant that give a powerful taste to coconut milk of the dish.

6. Trei Bung Kanh Chhet

Next to it you may also order the Trei Bung Kanh Chhet. It is a plate fish fried deeply with curry and adorned with Cauliflower and rice noodles.

7. Cha Houy Teuk

In order to refresh yourself, you can treat yourself with a Cha Houy Teuk. It is a tastefully coloured fruit dessert that will water your mouth, for it’s full of jelly, red beans, pumpkin, jackfruit, and topped with taro. With the SugarCane Juice, you will chill your throat with a sweet icy juice of pressed sugar cane and drink with a straw.

8. Nom Bang Chock

Make your travel experience memorable and check out the Nom Bang Chock, which is a Khmer Noodles served mostly by women on baskets. It will be then when your memory is truly special and sweet.

Acquiring an Australian Visa

In Australia, as in most countries, a visa is needed to visit, according to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. But there are several types of visas available.

The Tourist Visa

This category is for individuals who visit or who are doing business and is valid for as much as three, six, or 12 months. The primary charge for application is AUD135 to AUD1,000.

The eVisitor (subclass 651) is a free visa for a person who is the holder of a passport from a certain country.

The Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601) has an AUD20 service charge. Eligibility for this visa, requires the party to have a passport from a particular country.

It is possible for visitors who need a visa to Australia to acquire one if they are:

  • visiting
  • performing business visitor activities
  • visiting family
  • touring with a registered travel agent from the People’s Republic of China

While in Australia you can apply for the Tourist Stream of the Visitor Visa online, if you have a valid visa with no condition 8503 imposed.

If you are not in Australia, only certain travelers can apply for a visa online.

Those with a passport from the People’s Republic of China who are inside China and wish to apply for a visa could apply for and receive the Visitor Visa (subclass 600) known as Frequent Traveler Stream Visa.

Global Visa Processing Times

  • Tourist – 15 to 28 days on average
  • Sponsored Family – 39 to 61 days on average
  • Business Visitor – 5 to 15 days on average
  • Approved Destination Status 3 to 5 days on average
  • Frequent Traveler – 3 to 5 days on average

You will need a visa to Australia if you are staying in the country for years or if you are visiting for less than 72 hours. The type of visa issued to you is based on:

  • the length of your stay
  • your passport
  • your current living location
  • the purpose of your visit

Those who are looking to live, work, or study in Australia will have different requirements for a visa to Australia.

Student visas offered include:

  • vocational education and training
  • post-graduate study
  • higher education
  • primary and secondary education

There is a vast array of work visa options, found here. To live in Australia, you can apply for a visa if you have a family member who is Australian, or an Australian permanent resident, or an eligible citizen of New Zealand.

Visiting Australia will no doubt be an exciting adventure. Make your trip and your time in the country enjoyable by understanding what visa you will need and by applying for your visa far enough in advance.

Fun and profit with betting

Betting tricks will deliver at least some of the conveniences provided in making bets. Soccer betting is now doing it more and more devotees. In addition to playing on this fun playing on it also results in bad either. The results obtained from doing this bet can be made as additional income from a fixed monthly work. Additional salary can be utilized to be made in addition to purchase basic goods at home.

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All services are on offer this is not separated from the role of the agent contained football gambling on the internet.

Salvage Vehicles – Salvage Boatyards

Salvage boats, such as repairable cars, wrecked trucks for sale or any other form of auto salvage also have salvage part yards around the United States (quite apart from the fact that almost anything can nowadays be acquired at an online auto auction). Some of these yards focus on the quality parts that the buyer can use for a few years at least, whilst other focus on low cost by forsaking quality.

People in the United States and Canada have access to these boatyards generally. Boating is a very common activity. Most of the Salvage yards have a huge collection of parts some of which are still usable. The interesting thing about the boat yards is that the boat yard keepers keep the parts in a well-organized way. You can find quality parts, mostly.

The parts usually have a good price due to their condition though a lot less than newer parts. This is a reason why people decide on buying used parts more than buying newer ones. The durability of the parts of a marine vehicle causes them to have a larger life span than other types. A person has double the chance of finding a treasure in a boat salvage yard than in a car salvage yard. There are parts from the hulls to all types of propellers. Going to a marine salvage yard you can find many different parts that have more age than you can imagine. This is because f the safekeeping of the parts, which causes them to have the appearance of being young.

Boat salvage yards not only contain boat-parts but also old antiquity pieces. Antique pieces are for using as decors and are not for use. The boatyards sell these antique pieces through auctioning or by selling them directly. Boat salvage yards are very interesting places to find many different boat parts.

Yamaha ace leads Moto GP practice at US Grand Prix

Last year’s Laguna Seca race winner Jorge Lorenzo stoodatop the times after the second free practice for Sunday’s MotoGP US Grand Prix.

The Spanish Yamaha rider, who won at the northern California circuit last year, went straight to the top spot in the second session and stayed there, finishing with the day’s best time of 1min 22.056 sec.

Compatriot Dani Pedrosa, riding a Honda, was second fastest, 0.141sec back and Australian Honda rider Casey Stoner, the current series points leader, was third-quickest 1.175 behind Lorenzo as most of the riders improved their times in the second session.

Stoner had topped the times in the morning’s first free practice, which started under lingering coastal fog.

Andrea Dovizioso was the fourth fastest overall, his time of 1:22.537 fourth-quickest in the afternoon after he was fifth-fastest in the morning.

Factory Yamaha rider Ben Spies, who claimed his first career victory at Assen this season, was the fastest American on the day with a time of 1:22.615 that was two-tenths quicker than his morning run and left him fifth overall.

“I am very happy to be back riding here at Laguna, a track I love,” said Lorenzo, who like teammate Spies donned Yamaha Factory Racings special 50th anniversary red and white kit for the occasion.

“We need to try to improve corner entry for the bike because there are some tenths in that and it will give me more confidence turning in,” he added. “Its not so bad to begin and we will try to go faster tomorrow.”

Spies said the first day of practice had given the team plenty of information to improve on Saturday.

“We’ve worked on a lot of different set ups,” he said. “We havent found a perfect one, weve found a compromise so far but tomorrow we have a pretty good game plan on what were going to fine tune from the bike we ended on today to get a bit of a better set up for front feel.”

The Laguna Seca circuit offers a technical challenge with a tight, twisting layout epitomized by its signature “corkscrew” turn.

On Saturday Lorenzo will try to maintain his dominance in the third free practice and afternoon qualifying.

Stoner, who has twice earned pole and notched one victory at Laguna Seca, leads the standings with 168 points to Lorenzo’s 153 going into Sunday’s race.

The afternoon practice times indicated that teams were getting to grips with the intricacies of the circuit. France’s Randy de Puniet jumped from 12th to eighth with a time of 1:23.135 in the second practice.

The fastest Ducati belonged to American Nicky Hayden. With both the GP11 and GP11.1 available to him, Hayden opted for the GP11.1 machine for the duration of the second session and notched the 10th-quickest time, one place in front of Italian Legend Valentino Rossi.

Lleyton Hewitt bundled out of ATP Atlanta tournament by American qualifier Rajeev Ram

The two-time grand slam champion, whose ranking has dropped to a lowly 174, suffered a setback in his preparations for the US Open after losing 7-5 2-6 6-2 to Ram on Thursday.

Ram’s quarter-final will be against 19-year-old compatriot Ryan Harrison, who waited out an evening weather delay to beat Belgian Xavier Malisse, the No.4 seed, 6-7 (3-7) 6-4 6-4.

Mardy Fish opened his title defence with a comfortable 6-3 6-3 victory over France’s Nicolas Mahut that put the top-seeded American into the quarter-finals.

Fish, who enjoyed a first-round bye, fired six aces and broke Mahut four times to finish off the second-round clash in less than 90 minutes.

Fish showed no ill effects from an abdominal muscle strain which had bothered him since the French Open.

The world No.9 will play on Friday for a semi-final spot against Indian No.8 seed Somdev Devvarman, who booked his first quarter-final since late April with a 6-1 6-3 defeat of Japan’s Tatsuma Ito.

Visa eTA to Cambodia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of The Kingdom of Cambodia announced the e-visa eTA facility through a press release on 15th August 2014, for tourists from certain nations with effect from 1st October 2014. The e-visa eTA facility was officially called as ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) since it provides authorization to the tourists to enter The Kingdom of Cambodia. The Cambodian Government started thinking in this direction after the year 2012. Cambodia witnessed a major influx of foreign tourists in the year 2012. In the first ten months of this year, 2.86 million tourists visited the country.

This was a huge achievement for a small yet extraordinarily beautiful country like Cambodia. The Tourism Ministry realized that the country had become one of the most desired destinations in the Indochina region. It was a hike of 24% in tourism if compared to the year 2011.

In the past, there was a lot of political instability and the country also faced dictatorship, but in today’s modern world it is trying to improve politically and economically. For almost a decade now tourism in Cambodia has increased and helped in strengthening its relationship with rest of the world. Keeping all that in mind the government took a step forward in 2014, to ease out the visa procedure for tourists visiting Cambodia.

There are three ways to apply for a Cambodian visa

Tourists can apply for a traditional visa which is a stamp inside the passport. Of course, the visitor should have a passport with a validity of 6 months at the time of travel, so accordingly the visa should be applied. Passport must also have enough blank pages to put the stamp. For more information in case of a traditional visa, the applicant needs to contact the nearest Cambodian Embassy and Consulate.

The other option is getting a visa-on-arrival at the immigration checkpoints of specific airports and border gates.

If the mode of travel is by air:

  • Phnom Penh International Airport
  • Seam Reap International Airport

If the mode of travel is by road:

  • At Cambodia-Thailand Border it is Poipet International Checkpoint, Cham Yeam International checkpoint, O’s match International checkpoint, Anlong Veng International checkpoint, Pailin International checkpoint and Danang International checkpoint.
  • At Cambodia-Vietnam Border it is Bavet International checkpoint, Kaam Samnor International checkpoint, Phnom Den International checkpoint, Trapping Phong International checkpoint, Trapping Sre International checkpoint, Ovadia International checkpoint, Banteay Chakra International checkpoint, Peak Chak International checkpoint and Samrong International checkpoint.
  • At Cambodia-Laos Border it is Trapaing Krell International checkpoint.

For visa-on-arrival travellers must hold a six months valid passport, one 4*6 recent photograph with white background, visa fees of 30 USD in cash, a return confirm flight ticket or a valid visa for onward journey in case of road travel and proof of sufficient funds for the stay through bank statements, credit card copy or 500 USD in cash.

The most preferred option of getting Cambodian visa is e-visa.

This is a Cambodia e visa which is issued and stored electronically. This is the fastest and most convenient method of obtaining a visa where the traveler need not submit the original passport to the embassy. Tourists just need to fill the online visa form, apply it and pay for it online. A colour or black and white passport size photo has to be uploaded along with the form. Applicants will receive the visa via email in 3 business days, which they are required to print out and bring along with them to Cambodia. This procedure reduces all possibilities of delay.

Visa eTA holds a validity of 90 days from the date of its issuance, but the duration of stay in Cambodia is 30 days only. It is valid for single entry. The stay can also be extended beyond 30 days by applying for an extension of visa at the immigration counter outside Phnom Penh Airport. This visa extension is for another 30 days. If the visitors do not apply for an extension then their per day overstay costs 39 Eur.

Tourists can apply for Cambodian e-visa eTA on government website or any other trustworthy third party online visa providers. These third party websites work with 24*7 support system. The online visa service providers are informative and thoroughly guide the applicant to fill the online form smoothly. Tourists must decide on a reliable online visa processing company by simply going through the websites terms & conditions, privacy policies and disclaimer.

Mouth watering street foods in Australia

Every country, every place has its specialties. Australia has many south specific foods to offer. Some of which you wouldn’t know unless you explore. You need to walk around the city, take in every ounce of the city through your eyes, nose, ears and mouth!!! But still if you are scared to experiment on your own then here are some of the street food that you MUST try out and you wont regret it.

Idli -vada

I don’t think there would be any arguments from anywhere in the world for including “idli, vada, dosai and uttappam” as one of the best street foods in Australia. Those fluffy white rice cakes dipped in hot aromatic sambar and a little coconut chutney mixed to it just makes you fall in love with food all over again. In the section of vadas, try out parippu vada (parippu-dal). The little crisp vada with hot filter kaapi in the evening sitting by the roadside will just shoo away all you tiredness with it awesome taste.


Yes yes its like bhajiyaa. Just that Australia has more varieties! You’ll get molaga bhajji (chilly bhajiya), vazhakaaya bhajji (raw banana bhajji), shrimp bhajji for the non vegetarians and many more. Don’t go and ask them whats inside it if you are not the experimenting types. Just eat it and savor the taste of the hot crispy bhajji romancing with your mouth and the sudden taste of the molaga and you’ll just keep asking for more.


Well, you’ll find McDonalds, Subways across Australia but you’ll find it almost everywhere. Go and try the street sandwich in Australia. Enjoy the green chutney absorbed between the two breads with many more things. Sandwiches near the Alsa mall are pretty famous. Try Balaji Sandwich Stall.


The fluffy soft Indian Bread made of maida is another popular item you’d find in most street joints in Australia. Some call it lachha paratha but parotas are slightly different from them in taste. Very slight but very slight is also huge when it comes to the matter of food. Try out kottu parotta (minced patotta) with a classic chicken curry or kadla curry (vegetarians) and feel awesome about yourself for having eaten an amazing dish.

Masala Kadalai

Imagine crunchy peanuts in your mouth and suddenly the tang of raw mango and then a little ball of salt on your tongue. This is masala kadalai, walk the street as you shop holding Masala Kadalai in your hand (yes! you look classy) and feel the surprises of tastes exploding in your mouth.