How to spend a weekend in Sri Lanka?

Do you want a perfect weekend getaway with your friends or family? There are many destinations that will provide you with amazing experience. The perfect destination to spend your weekend is Sri Lanka. This country offer lots of attraction that you can explore in a short time. If you are thinking of spending a weekend in Sri Lanka, here are the top things to see and do in that destination.

1. Visit spice garden

When you reach Sri Lanka, Kandy should be your number one place to visit in the country. This is a spiritual hub, where you will taste the world’s famous spices. In this place, you will learn how various spices are manufactured. Moreover, you will soothe your senses with Ayurveda massage offered in that place. If you do indulge in traditional cosmetic shopping, this is the perfect place to be for a weekend getaway. As you get out of Kandy, you will get an opportunity to sip the delicious herbal brew.

2. Go to the cultural sites

There are numerous attractions that make Kandy the cultural and spiritual capital of Sri Lanka. Want to see the Tooth of Lord Buddha? Then you should visit the Temple of the Tooth where you will see the Tooth preserved in the casket. Moreover, you can relax in Degaldoruwa Temple as you listen to the prayers of the Buddhist monks. This temple is found under the rock cave.

3. See the wildlife

Visit uddawattakele Sanctuary and see amazing animals. Moreover, you can see the home of wounded and orphaned elephants at Pinnawala Elephant Center. Watching the elephants playing in the waters is the most memorable experience in Sri Lanka. If you want to experience a wide variety of wildlife, then Yala National Park is the perfect place to spend your weekend in Sri Lanka. This place is teeming with peacocks, leopards, elephants, monkeys, and boars.

4. Eating, shopping and sightseeing in Colombo

Just three hours from Kandy is Colombo- the capital city of Sri Lanka. At the city, you will find mouth-watering delicacies and world-class dishes. Also, you will come across road-side stalls that sell fruits. Moreover, there are shopping malls where you can find everything you need to buy. Remember to carry your camera along with you as you visit Colombo. There are numerous sceneries that you will like to capture in the city.


Spend a weekend in Sri Lanka and get memorable experience. This destination has spectacular sceneries and rich culture that you will never find elsewhere. You will get a chance to see ancient temples, amazing wildlife, and interact with the people of Sri Lanka.

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